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USDJPY Price action

USDJPY, W1 : Major zone for Sell 112.600-111.900   I would like to see price push up to this area, as we haven't been here since 2019, Not sure how the dollar will given recent news over the weekend.

USDJPY, D1 : break level for buy and resistance level for sell 110.900 -110.700 pull back buy 109.000 - 109.200.

USDJPY, H4 : Buy/Sell 110.868 - 110.744 this is the middle between the daily zones. If price push into this zone strong or even break and retest it will be a solid buy. If price wick it and hold a resistance for 2+ hours I will sell.

USDJPY, H1 : dashed lines for the scalp, if price not trending I will used the zones to scalp using my favorite candle stick patterns and micro structure.

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