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Swinging the week Aug 2, 2021

Last week on AUDJPY and we was looking at the 80.900 area for re-entry as the as we open the week and that zone as a nice retracement. We close the week with 50 pips and profit still holding the entry now I would like to see price pull back into the same area and hold as resistance again and continue the breakdown. A continuation of the breakdown will give us a nice wick fill on a weekly. If you look at the 4-hour what you would notice is that we create we are creating higher lows in secession and what I would like to see is price continue and push and break through 80.140 and 79.900 area. A strong clothes below this and we can see price begin to reach to 78.900 all the way down to at least 75.900 and that's what we looking for.

So with the kiwi dollar we ended the week and it went indecision as well as the monthly with the indecision. Currently the zone where prices at we just broke this level as it was formally resistance and now we're seeing to be tested as support so I like to watch and see what happened at this area between what is this 6892.693 I'd like to see what we do if we can close bearish and strong within these zones on the 4 hour then we can continue to sell. On a 4 hour and 1 hour we have a trend line and we have higher lows being created and our current zone of resistance is being respected as long as we can stay below this I'm pretty confident that I'll probably re-enter for some more sales if you got in last week you should be up anywhere between 30 and 50 pips from the same area so let's wait this week out to see.

All right so what I'm looking at on African Rand Yen, I'm still looking to buy and the main reason behind it is with my broker it's one of the only pairs that has a positive swap to the upside so I'm picking my entries very carefully right. The monthly closed pretty bearishly but we ended the week with a strong bull, still slightly outside the weekly channel so what I want to see is if we can get one more sweet below and then continue up. So I'll be looking to take my chances in my zones 7.50 to 7.42 especially if we start the week off aggressive remember this is the first week of the month and it's a heavy news week so let's wait and see or we get.

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